Huffman & Willis: Mashups, Remixing Info, & Making Data Browsable

My notes from the session (yes! more typos!)…

Cil2007—Monday—mashups, remixing info and making data browsable

National geographic soc.—magpie rss, php to aggregate feeds on home page, library podcasting led to society podcasting, series on itunes now. Including external info on intranet, rss feeds from public area to staff. News items—mobile access via newsgator, using google gadgets to paste in feeds from useful sources. Corporate intranet mirrored for distant partners/affiliates. Photos of partners for avatars for internal communication blog—builds team across org. easy input box for wiki (gets rid of “add a new page” need) online mindmap collab software (gliffy?) to map website plan. Extension allows rss feeds to wiki pages (using mediawiki)


List of tools on presentation slides

Willis—Creating Browsable data w/ django (“bringing beauty out of the data” creating emotional investment in data——

Way more information thrown away than actually gets put out to the public… what info do you have that’s not getting out? Search isn’t enough.

Django—opensource, python-based, “puts stuff on the web” powers, database of congressional votes, faces of the fallen, recipefinder… emphasis on browse rather than search… can include metadata

Django lets you pick url (instead of .php, etc.)

Dreamhost, webfaction—any host that can support python

One response to “Huffman & Willis: Mashups, Remixing Info, & Making Data Browsable

  1. wow! looks like you’re having a lot of fun with that big excitable brain of yours! :^ )
    of course I had to look at – pretty awesome that you can set up rss feeds for that info – i would have used that for sure. there’s another site that uses what is likely the same data source but has the crimes mapped out with the same symbols (which is why i assume it’s pulling from the same source). but really, that would have been helpful to corroborate some of the stories i heard “through the grapevine” after a given incident…

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