Jessamyn West: Heat Up Your Browsing with Firefox

My notes from the session (in all their typo-riffic glory)…

CIL2007—Monday—Jessamyn WestHeat Up Your Browsing with Firefox (Pimp my Firefox)

Ideal is to have a choice of browsers, Firefox makes good primary

Open Source

Multilingual dictionaries, spellcheck

Google icon extension—displays favicons next to google results—good cue for visual folks

Smart keywords—ctrl click any (?) search box, give it keyword, use keyword to leap straight to searchbox from address bar (e.g. make imdb search box keyword, then just type “imdb whatever” in address bar)

Greasemonkey— can use to change displays—db’s? campus sites? What are adblocker implications? Facebook scripts—anything esp. useful for us? Gmail signature float moves signature to bottom of your typing, rather than bottom of whole message.

Presentation slides have links to librarians’ lists of firefox extensions they use.

Pretty user styles and gmail skins, facebook colorizer, link evaluator—checks for live links, firebug—lists how long it takes to load individual items on page, css, etc. (alt. to web developer toolbar), large type themes, accessibar (color, text change, etc), multiple home pages open in tabs, library lookup

Lots of useful looking links from Jessamyn’s page

dive into greasemonkey—recommended resource for learning to write for greasemonkey

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