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Pen and Paper

I have been avoiding spending too much non-work time at the computer; I’ve been writing and drawing with pen on paper instead. Consequently, this blog has been– and will continue to be– rarely updated. I do occasionally post things to, though.


Back from the Dead

It’s been a (very long) while since I’ve posted, partly because I’ve been getting a little overwhelmed lately. There’s so much I want to do and learn, so I think I’m going to go back to using this blog as a sort of personal learning journal. Or a thinking journal. Or something.

The past week was really freaking good.

I walked over and met Tim and Rob at Pratt’s Digital Arts Research Lab. We had a really exciting conversation, and they made me feel like maybe it’s possible to tease out some of my ideas regarding the future of libraries and the way we interact with information, like maybe these huge, messy ideas I have could take some sort of substantial form.

And then I went to see the guys from Graffiti Research Lab talk, and it was so good to see art that’s engaging and beautiful and hopeful all at once.

And then I stayed up until 4 in the morning, talking with Angelica about people and information and interfaces and architecture, and I felt like my head was on fire.

Now I’m at Computers in Libraries, where I’m listening to and talking with all sorts of amazing people, but my internet connection at my hotel is so slow tonight that I can get up and get a glass of water while I wait for a page to load, so I’m going to post session notes later.

My Name in Print

What a surprise to see one of my own photos appear in my Bloglines feed this afternoon! The Brooklyn Record’s Blog Wrap today included a photo I shot last October when I was only beginning to think of moving to New York.

New New New

It’s been ages since I last posted, but my life has been hectic ever since I returned from the trips I mentioned in my last post. Everything is changing for me. Tomorrow the movers are coming to pick up my stuff and take it to Brooklyn. I’ll be starting as Academic Technology Outreach Librarian at the Pratt Institute Libraries on September fifth, and I’m really excited. It’s a big move, though. I’ve lived in this same little apartment in Santa Cruz for eleven years, and I’m leaving UCSC, which feels like leaving home. I’m going to miss all my coworkers there so much, but I’m also completely exhilarated by the thought of starting my work at Pratt and my new life in Brooklyn.

Checking In

Whew! I’m finally home for a while after a busy month that took me to New Orleans, Austin, El Paso, Bisbee, Ojai, and New York. I’ve started to post so many times, but I’ve felt overwhelmed– by the contrast between ALA and New Orleans at large, by car trouble and unbearable heat in the desert, by how continually amazed I am by my friends and by the librarians I’ve met recently, and by the awesome conversations I’ve had. This weekend will give me a chance to catch up, and hopefully I’ll be able to write a reasonably coherent response to all I’ve learned and experienced in the last few weeks.