About Me

Hi. Thanks for visiting Labyrinths.

The purpose of this blog was originally to investigate and discuss the connections between Library and Information Science, technology, and literature, but it’s evolved a be more focused on libraries and technology. I have some very messy and broad thoughts about the ways these topics intersect; by blogging about them I hope to learn to articulate my ideas a little better.

In 2005 I earned my MLIS from SJSU’s School of Library and Information Science, and I am now the Academic Technology Outreach Librarian at Pratt Institute.

Like a lot of librarians, I majored in literature as an undergraduate, but I took a very winding path to get there. I started off at Pacific Northwest College of Art, dropped out and moved to San Francisco, traveled around the US for a while, attended Cabrillo College, and eventually transferred to UC Santa Cruz where I focused primarily on late 19th and early 20th century English language literature, but studied Latin, too.

In my spare time I’ve booked underground music and film events and performed shadow puppet plays, but right now I’m mostly getting acquainted with Brooklyn, reading about libraries and technology, and thinking about how to make our library an awesome place for our students and faculty. You can see some of my projects and find out more about me at http://pratt.edu/~cbrown8.


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